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Hacksmith Engineering Research Campus / HERC

The best engineering workshop ever.

Drone photo of James standing in front of HERC. Powerloader and Thor's hammer on the sides

What is HERC?

Every great superhero headquarters needs an acronym.

We built HERC to be the ultimate workshop, studio, and inventive engineering space for Hacksmith Industries - but it’s much more than that. As time goes on we’ll be inviting more creative people here to share our tools and knowledge and research to build even more amazing things.

The front of the main building also serves as a showroom for more than 100 of our best inventions - which you can see on a private tour or ‘open house’ day.

All the best tools under one roof

Extensive cinematic studio space

custom robots and rare special equipment

17 acres of outdoor property, forest, 100+ parking spaces, etc.

Fast internet, on-site servers, and robust heating/AC/AIr filtration

Hacksmith vehicles and supporting infrastructure

Where is HERC?

605 beaverdale rd
Ontario N3C 2V3,
Earth, Sol System

The facility is closed to the public except on open house days, so follow us on socials to know when the next opportunity to visit may be.

Vector map of herc's location
Hunter showcasing herc

Why is HERC?

Engineering. Research. Campus. All of these parts of the name matter. HERC is where we do the cutting edge engineering work that we showcase on our channels, but it’s also where we do the behind-the-scenes research that enables our engineering and helps us build the parts of Hacksmith that may not be easily seen on the surface but are no less vital in helping us operate (retail division, business & creator management, robotics and mechatronics R+D, etc).

HERC is a campus because it’s a place where an immense amount of learning takes place, where people from around the world can come to engage with us and our inventions. It’s also a place where they can set the stage to take off on their own creative journey to make the next generation of technology and the next era of cool stories to tell.


How we work at HERC

Making Videos

Almost every day we’re filming something new to put on our channels online. Thanks to our multiple studio spaces and great production team, someone’s always in front of or behind a camera somewhere.

Inventing Technology

More than half of our staff are full time engineers and builders, helping constantly upgrade the facility and create new projects for the company.

Having a blast!

If you work or play or visit here, you’ll get the chance to get gourmet food served by our chef, or fly around the property on one of our many recreational vehicles, or the new ziplines! Playing around helps inspire new projects.