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Hacksmith Creator Management

You do what you do best. We'll keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

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Are you a creator who's tired of sorting through an inbox full of sponsorship offers, reviewing complex contracts, and dealing with the daily grind of making your creative life into a business? We've been there. We can help.

Hacksmith Industries is one of the world's largest creator companies and we work with the world's best brands. Collaborating with us under non-exclusive management allows you to reap all the rewards of working with sponsors without the hassle. You can even retain your current agency.

Land exclusive brand deals or assess + upgrade existing deals

Write and revise contracts

Create business profiles, websites, and accounts

Manage and expand media channels on Youtube + beyond

Translate/dub your content into a wide range of languages

Write and file patents for your inventions/content

Sell services & gear to expos and events

Create digital and physical products + sell them

And more - we're refining new ways to help out

How it works

we're not a talent agency

We work with creators who are our friends and business partners - and we thrive together. You can even retain your current agent alongside us if you want.

limited number of applicants

We give individual attention to every single creator partner.

win/win relationships

We only benefit when you benefit (e.g. receiving payments from brands, product deals, etc.)

If you are already represented by an agent or agency, you may still be able to benefit from collaborating with us (we can work with you, or with your agent for maximum efficiency).


Hacksmith Industries has created a whole headquarters [HERC] dedicated to building amazing technology and telling the stories behind it. If you are a MAKER, ENGINEER, INVENTOR, TINKERER, or other person who likes to build stuff with your hands on social media - there may be a spot for you at our facility.

There you can directly benefit from our tools, tech, space, expertise, and even daily gourmet lunches from our chef!

NOTE: It is NOT required that you relocate to our facility to receive management benefits and work with us as part of the creator management program.