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Half Scale Cybertruck

[3 years ahead of the real one!]
6 months
20M+ views, news articles.
Tesla Cybertruck in the dark with the lights on

No Cybertruck? No problem.

Three years before the first deliveries, we built a half scale version!

It's fully electric, has powerful towing capability, and looks every bit like the originally released photos/videos of the cybertruck shown off first in 2019 by Tesla. This was our biggest project before the Aliens Powerloader.

Construction and Design

The half-scale Cybertruck was meticulously constructed to match as many details of the real truck as possible, albeit at half scale and without a whole factory designed to produce cars at our disposal. We ended up reverse-engineering the dimensions provided by Elon Musk to ensure accuracy. The project involved the use of moderately advanced fabrication techniques and materials to replicate the iconic angular design of the Cybertruck, capturing its futuristic aesthetic without sacrificing functions that we wanted to show off.

Functional Features

The half-scale Cybertruck was not just a static model; it was designed to be functional. The vehicle featured an electric drivetrain, allowing it to move under its own power. This impressive feat demonstrated the team's ability to integrate multiple complex systems into a relatively constrained chassis size. Fitting in two passengers at this scale required quite a lot of creative compromise in terms of the design of the interior of the vehicle - but we think these ended up being sensible given the scale of the project overall.

In 2023 we revisited the project to add full self driving capabilities, a challenging upgrade spearheaded by our talented Mechatronics expert, Ben.

Demonstrations and Performance

The Hacksmith team conducted demonstrations to showcase the capabilities of the half-scale Cybertruck. Notably, the vehicle was pitted against a Ford F-150 in a tug of war, demonstrating its impressive power and performance. This attention-grabbing demonstration highlighted the torque potential of the electric motors used, and further emphasized our desire to make it as realistic as possible compared to the "real thing".

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We're incredibly excited about the real Cybertruck hopefully coming in late 2023/early 2024... and we can't wait to compare the real thing to our 1/2 scale version.
Which would you rather drive? (Don't forget about parking! We probably win that battle.) 

What wild vehicle will we build next?

Suggest one via our main contact form.

Bogdan and Charles getting into the half scale Cybertruck