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Captain America’s Shield

Avengers... Assemble!
3 years
100M+ views
James dressed up as Captain America, reaching to grab the shield from his back

From James' garage to reality

From James' earliest work in his garage to full-scale fabrication work at Hacksmith's new headquarters, our Captain America shields are at the center of some of Hacksmith's most popular videos. Using steel and a whole lot of creativity, we were able to faithfully replicate many qualities of the shields shown off in Marvel's movies - from bulletproofing various versions of the shield to catching and throwing them with an electro-magnetic gauntlet.

We've even put our shields to the test against various other Marvel weapons... you'll have to watch the videos to see how they performed! 

Here's a brief overview of our toughest shield ever...

Captain America’s [Strongest] Shield:

To create this powerful piece, we welded two plates of thick steel together, then brazed on the Taskmaster logo [this was a project in line with the Black Widow Movie in 2021]. To make the classic domed shape of the shield, Bogdan used a process called hydroforming, which let us bend the steel into a perfectly round shape using high pressure fluid pumped into the interior cavity formed by the two metal discs being welded together. 

  1. After hydroforming, the fluid was removed and the bottom half of the “shield” removed. For an extra thick shield we could have welded both halves together again at this stage by inverting one half inside the other, but that would have made it too heavy to wield comfortably. 
  2. Bogdan then finished brazing the copper logo onto the front and began polishing the entire face of the shield. 
  3. The shield was then tested against wood, concrete, and even our Stormbreaker… before finally being shot with bullets. In the end we proved it was nearly completely bulletproof and incredibly durable! 

What would you want us to test against this ultra-strong version of Cap’s famous shield? 

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The last 2 decades have given us a lot of material to work with when it comes to Cap's shield. It evolved, much like him, over the many films in which it appeared. One thing is for certain: We don't have access to real Vibranium alloy, but we've done our best with some toughened steel and we think the results speak for themselves.

Thanks, Avengers

The Avengers defined an era of cinema that helped make Hacksmith what it is today. We're forever indebted to the amazing minds behind these films, shows, and comics. Thank you to the writers, animators, actors, and storytellers who paved the way for us in years gone by.

James dressed up as Captain America