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In a cave. With a box of scraps!
Armor, Technology, Weapons
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Hacksmith team member using Ironman fist and helmet

More than scrap metal

We've created some iconic tech from Marvel's Ironman and Avengers movies, like real metal armor, Ironman's laser gauntlet, and even flying jets! Our quest to make a real life iron man suit is ongoing, so stay tuned for much more to come.

Iron Man Suit Projects

Hacksmith has undertaken various Iron Man suit projects, including the creation of a full metal Iron Man gauntlet, complete with one of Iron Man's most iconic abilities. Later on we added a laser torch to the assembly. Additionally, the team has explored the development of a FULL functional Iron Man suit, aiming to replicate the capabilities of the fictional superhero's iconic armor. While some projects have been costume-based, the team has never stopped creating real working prototypes inspired by Iron Man's technology.

Working with lifting jets that can be deployed safely and allow us to actually fly like Iron Man puts us at the very edge of cutting edge science and technology as of 2023/2024. In order to explore this further, we partnered up with Gravity Industries and tested multiple versions of their jet suits. When we build our own in the near future, we're unlikely to use the exact same technology, as the physical strength required to maintain level flight is an immense barrier to the suit being more or less "functional". We are less focused on directional movement, for that reason, and more on LIFT.

Small electric jets may just be the secret weapon we've been looking for, to that extent. In secret testing, we were already able to achieve partial lift under electric jet propulsion (in a safe test environment). And just a small number of jets allow quite significant forward motion on wheeled test platforms, although this is not our main objective and does not replicate the lift needed for a functional jet suit.

Laser and Repulsor Projects

Hacksmith has delved into the development of Iron Man's laser technology, creating a highly complex mobile laser system that mimics closely what Tony deploys from his gauntlets in movies. The team has also explored the creation of Iron Man's repulsor technology.

A.I. + Robot Army

Our "Giving A.I. control over our robotic and intelligent systems" concept video in 2023 was the spiritual successor to our earlier JARVIS project years prior. Thanks to a ton of programming work from Charles, we were able to use A.I. like Chat GPT and Eleven Labs' voice cloning to launch a prototype software that was able to interact with robots and laboratory tools through voice or text inputs, getting us at least part of the way toward creating a life-like JARVIS of our own.

We want to be crystal clear that the technology is really not as advanced as (even realistic) media may make it seem.

Iron Man's Desk

Our 'Iron Man Desk' project involved the creation of a real-life version of the Jarvis Holotable used by Tony Stark in the Iron Man series. The project featured the transformation of a Flexispot standing desk prototype, measuring 86" wide, into a functional and visually impressive replica of the iconic table.

The desk was equipped with advanced features, including cameras for motion tracking and 3D effects - allowing a user to "swipe" in the air to control the screens. Additionally, the project incorporated a Bambu Lab X1-Carbon combo 3D printer, adding to the desk's technological capabilities when paired with a high powered PC and the camera systems.

Getting a realistic "holographic" display was perhaps the most exciting feature of the desk, and we wish we could say it was easy. It wasn't. Transparent screens are tricky to deploy, expensive, and will only work with more or less custom software enabling the "holographic" projections in combo with some creative use of motion tracking cameras.

The carpentry for this project, on the other hand, was relatively simple! That part, we think, anyone can replicate. Big thanks to Flexispot for giving us some lovely high tech desks and chairs to deploy all around the office.

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Two decades of incredible Iron Man movies already lay behind us (as of 2023). But in that short time we were given an absolutely legendary high tech mountain peak to aspire to climb.

We keep perfecting

We'll never stop creating new technologies and perfecting our existing designs until we've got real, working, all metal, laser-shooting, flying iron man suit.

James using real Ironman engines