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An elegant weapon from a more civilized age.
Star Wars
4 Years
100M+ views, Guinness World Record
The lightsaber build by Hacksmith

Sabers all the way down

We've been evolving our lightsaber designs for the past half decade in pursuit of a real, portable, plasma-based lightsaber that can cut through steel without being attached to any sort of external fuel source. Our goal is to achieve this legendary breakthrough by 2024.

By carefully controlling the path of an oxygen-rich flame, and building an immensely customized ignition chamber and nozzle above it, we've been able to get agonizingly close to our dream of a fully portable lightsaber.

It all started with superheated tungsten rods, creative use of other torch technology, and other avenues of progress - but we are finally close to the real thing. And we can't wait to show you our progress!  Every single component of these sabers was custom built, including electronics, gas transfer assemblies, switches, gas management elements, and the whole body of the main saber itself (which looks like a steam-punk sci-fi hybrid device in the best way). 

World's First Functional Solid-Bladed Lightsaber

We achieved a major milestone by creating the world's first functional solid-bladed lightsaber by superheating metal rods in ceramic isolated handles. It sounds simple, but to do it safely requires controlling a huge amount of electricity AND a very hot lightsaber that is essentially a very large "short circuit" in your hands.

Retractable Proto-Lightsaber

The team also developed the world's first retractable proto-lightsaber, a significant feat that captured the attention of Star Wars fans and technology enthusiasts worldwide, becoming some of our most successful videos! The lightsaber was designed to resemble those used by Jedi Knights and was attached to tanks of liquid propane gas and oxygen gas to create the high level of heat required to produce the plasma beam. Although many assume these are simple "oxygen cutting torches", the precise combination of oxygen and other fuels enables the creation of a stable flame that is hot enough to cut through steel! Adapting the nozzles, fuel mix, and valve/control systems for these devices took months of research.

Plasma-Based Lightsaber & Lightsaber Pike

To bring things to the next level, the team created a retractable plasma-based lightsaber. We re-engineered the nozzle and valve systems, and the fuel mix, in the hopes of creating 'laminar flow' in the gases, making an exceptionally clean, bright, and long/stable flame.

By adding different salts to the plasma, we can change the beam's color. For example, boric acid will make a green beam like Yoda's lightsaber, sodium chloride produces a bright yellow like Rey's, and strontium chloride will generate a bright red for those who prefer to walk on the dark side.

There's a whole lot more to say about plasma-based sabers, but the next frontier is to fuel the saber with liquid oxygen. To do this, we'll need a clean room, a whole new condensed design for valves and control systems, and literal rocket fuel (liquid O2). This is quickly becoming rocket science, if it wasn't already. Stay tuned in 2024 for this next incredible iteration of the sabers.


And more...

In the summer of 2023 our fans showed up in force to support our lightsaber development and purchase the all new V2 mini-saber torch, inspired by our protosaber plasma lightsaber. Thanks to these efforts, we now have everything we need to finalize our work on the real deal by 2024. (fingers crossed) 

If you'd like to support our lightsaber project, head over to and pick up a minisaber (v1 or v2) for yourself - and/or become a channel member for exclusive behind the scenes updates on our work!

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Over half a century of Star Wars has given us A LOT of lightsabers to inspire us. Our designs cater to the original trilogy, sequels, 2nd sequence sequels, and even extended universe media.


Nothing will stop us from building the world's best and brightest lightsabers! 

Hacksmith Lightsaber held by hand, turned off