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Thor’s Hammers

Are you... worthy?
Weapon, Superhero Powers
2 years
100M+ views
Thor's hammer making sparks

Summoning Thor’s Hammer: 

Using a light weight Thor’s hammer and some incredible programming and mechanical engineering, the team created an “AI” workspace where anyone who raised their hand could “summon” the hammer to them. To get the hammer around the room, a series of thin wires were attached to computer controlled winches. When the “AI” program saw a hand raised, it would raise or lower the winch wires in 3 dimensions in order to pull or push the hammer in the right direction toward the open hand. 

Simply by clicking a button on the handle of the hammer, the designated “worthy wielder” could then release the wires and freely use the hammer. 

The hammer could even navigate around to multiple wielders in a relatively small space. 

We then tested the hammer’s destructive power by winching it around the shop and smashing into various things while the humans hid nearby behind cover. 

Electromagnetic Thor's Hammer:

By embedding a powerful electromagnet in the top of the hammer, James was able to create a version of Thor’s iconic hammer that was impossible to lift with even a superhuman amount of strength (when attached to a magnetic metal surface, of course). 

Using a specially designed ring, James was then able to turn the magnet off and on and prove himself “worthy” to lift the hammer which of course weighed only a few pounds in reality (without the magnet turned on). 

Even incredibly strong people were unable to make the hammer budge at all with the magnet enabled. [It was around 240KG of direct upward forward to break the magnetic field. That’s around 530 pounds!] So while it’s possible that the strongest men in the world might stand a chance, this would be quite dangerous to test as once lifted off a metal surface, the magnetic hammer would immediately lose 90%+ of its weight and go hurtling upward. 

World’s Largest Thor’s Hammer:

This record breaking giant hammer cost over $100,000 to build and was enormously fun to create! 

The first step was 3D modeling in Solidworks, then we took a huge amount of sheet steel and laser cut it to precise dimensions to create a “metal mesh that would form the body of the hammer. From there, we had our entire team AND a professional welder weld up the sheets of steel into one cohesive hammer. 

After finishing off the welded joints, we added a gigantic steel cylinder to form the handle.

From there, we took the hammer to a metallurgy facility and got it dipped in zinc for added weight, strength, and durability. The process of zinc dipping unfortunately caused more zinc to build up around the welded seams, so to compensate for this and make the hammer look even better, we added a bunch of freshly laser cut filigree elements to the sides to help hide the seams and finish off the look of the hammer itself.  

After more grinding, finishing, and painting… the hammer looked incredible! So all we had to do to complete the project was wrap the handle in weather-proof leather and more custom metal elements. 

All told, the hammer weighs over 2 tons! [around 5000 lbs]  You have to check out the video showcase we made of dropping the hammer on some unsuspecting appliances...

World’s Heaviest Thor's Hammer/s

Lead, tungsten, steel... we've made a lot of heavy hammers, the heaviest tipping the scales at over 140lbs! Crafting them from scratch was no easy feat, but thanks to the lessons we learned from each build, they got easier and easier to construct. All our hammers are currently on display at HERC, our headquarters.

If you want to make one of your very own, it may be easiest to start with a pre-made metal Thor's hammer and add weights - just be sure the body of the hammer can take the additional mass. Weld shut any external seams in the metal casing and never hold a heavy hammer over any part of a person in case you drop it (gym rules apply).

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From the original classic design all the way out to later iterations of Stormbreaker and a re-forged hammer, good hard metal is the key. And while we may not have access to a forge lit by the flames of a star (or the blacksmithing help of Peter Dinklage), we did our best to faithfully recreate the incredible iterations of this weapon as seen in the Marvel Movies of the past 2 decades and the comics of the past half century.

Thor's fans...

The god of thunder has wielded many tools in its cinematic career, and we've built nearly all of them - but we're still open to new concepts for Thor, so stay tuned.

Chris Hemsworth scene playing Thor