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Wolverine’s Claws

The man. The myth. The weapon.
Superhero Power, Weapon
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James smiling, wearing Wolverine's claws

Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

Wolverine's claws are both a weapon and an integral part of Wolverine himself.
These iconic weapons were the very first project James undertook more than a decade ago! Since then we've made many variants, including our amazing self-healing metal claws using memory metal.

Compared to many of our projects, this one was relatively quick and easy to actually build - but it has a rich history. And it harkens back to James’ very first MAKE IT REAL project back in 2009.

Over the years we made multiple variants of the iconic claws, but there was always one thing missing... the ability to self-repair!

By teaming up with Smarter Alloys and using shape memory alloy, we could actually construct claws that were capable of healing after being damaged! The way this amazing metal behaves means that even after deforming and being damaged, passing over the claws with a flame enables them to “spring” back to their original shape. 

By fusing the claws to a metal core, James could then wield them just like Wolverine and put them to the test.

If you want to heat up your smart metal claws and bring them back to life, don’t forget to pick up our Mini Saber V2! [Store]

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A host of movies over the past few decades have all seemed to contain Hugh Jackman, and at least in that regard they have all been fantastic. The claws themselves change very little throughout various incarnations and representations of Wolverine, although the man himself and the origins of the character develop more depth and intrigue as the story advances throughout various movies.

When we replicated them, each time we wanted to bring their destructive power to the forefront whenever possible - as they really are the key element in Wolverine's fighting and "offense" in general. When we made the self-repairing claws, we of course recognized that the metal claws do not self repair in the films -- but the bone claws he sports when the metal ones are damaged can indeed be repaired by his healing factor. So this was a case of creative license - and we have to use this opportunity to thank our fans for the incredible reception that video got. Go watch it if you haven't, it's super cool!

Wolverine, we're open to challenges

After more than a decade on the silver screen, Wolverine doesn't seem to be done yet - and although we've made many variants of his amazing claws/powers, we're ready to tackle new challenges should they arise...

James looking at its bended Wolverine claws