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The full story...

We've been building Hacksmith Industries for more than a decade. These are some of our most important milestones and memories.


The Hacksmith Story


The very beginning!

The journey begins - James starts uploading acrobatics and other videos to the Youtube channel. It's a time of experimentation. No team, no formal business - just a guy in a garage with a box of scraps.

The Hacksmith logo



Although James first uploaded videos to Youtube all the way back in 2006, the Hacksmith journey began in 2012 when he created his first "make it real" projects in his garage (a set of Wolverine claws).

Photo from above of James with Wolverine claws


Hacksmith Industries takes shape...

By 2015, James formally founded Hacksmith Industries and the YouTube channel exploded in popularity thanks to projects like the first Elysium Exoskeleton and a whole lot of Batman tech soon after. The channel quickly surpassed 100k subscribers, then later 1 million in 2017

James with Wolverine Claws


Workshop transformation & iconic projects

2019 marked a pivotal year as Hacksmith transitioned from a garage operation to a full-scale workshop, materializing ambitious projects at a bigger scale than ever before. Some of our most popular projects come from this era - like our first lightsabers, Captain America's shields, Stormbreaker, and the Power Loader.

A power loader in Hacksmith's facility


Legends of industry

In 2021, our collaborations with industry giants like Marvel and Disney solidified our status as engineering trailblazers - people around the world were beginning to take notice.

James with multiple marvels superhero's tools


Hacksmith engineering research campus

In 2022, we moved our headquarters once again -this time to our permanent home - HERC, The Hacksmith Engineering Research Campus. Here, we will build a lasting legacy and even more incredible projects. Our goal is to begin transforming the property into a destination where anyone can come to innovate and create new ideas and technologies with us!

Areal photo of H.E.R.C

2023 and beyond

To the future

Finally at home in HERC, Hacksmith Industries continues to expand. This year the company launched the amazing mini-saber V2, built John Wick's bulletproof suit, the world's first self-contained lightsaber Pike, and translated the main channel into multiple global languages. We can't wait to show you what comes next...

James with the lightsaber store products